Sunday, February 17, 2013

Andrew Dean 'Dino''s Cardigan & Hat

I made this sweater & hat for my newest grandbaby...Andrew Dean 'Dino'...He is the most precious baby...He is still so tiny but growing fast...He is such a good baby...He is our little miracle...

Annabelle Iris

I made this sweater & hat for my cousin's first grandbaby.  'Annabelle Iris'
She is 2 days older than my new granson...she is just precious, and I love having a baby girl to knit for..

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The newest addition to our family my new grandson. 
 'Andrew Dean Barrett'
joined our family saturday January 19, 2013 at 2:44 pm, weighing in at only 4lbs 5 oz and 17.5".  He is a true gift from GOD, he is our little miracle.  He was 5 weeks early.  He is in the NICU unit of the hospital, but they did move him out of the critical section.  He is eating really good and they say he may be able to come home by the end of the week.  I sure hope so because his Granny wants to hold him and give him some hugs and kisses.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recent Knitting

These are just a few of the hats that I have knitted recently...
I loved making them, and thankful for the orders, but now I'm ready to move on to something new...
They Navy & Gray cable hats I designed myself...I love designing new patterns...The first one was for a man that my brother works for, the 2nd one for my son for Christmas...
The pattern is avaliable at my raverly store

The next 3 are Gwen Slouchy Beret

The next hat is called Windy City Hat...
My Aunt Molene ask me to make it for her and I couldn't say no, as she never ask me to make anything for her.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Clinton's Cable

I wrote this new pattern and I am so pleased at how it turned out... My son Clinton just loved it so much that I had to make one for him for Christmas...I'm so glad that my 25 year old son loves it when I make him things, go figure...I just hope his little boy and my newest Grand Son will be as easy to please...He is due next February so we will soon see...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I went to the Christmas Bazaar at my mom's Church, Freedom Fellowship in Burlington yesterday.  It was lots of fun.  I was able to sell some things and even traded for some goodies from some of the other vendors.  I managed to get my daughter's Christmas present without her knowing exactly what it is, thanks to Kim Oestereich with Park Lane.  I know she will love it, also thank you for helping with the other surprise Christmas present also I know he will love it too.   One of the vendor's Krystal with Half Baked is one amazing cook.  You should check her out at her Etsy store.  I was reluctant at doing this Bazaar but I have to say that I had an awesome time, and met some really great ladies.  The little boy in the picture below is named Osaiyah, his mom had a booth set up and he earned some money helping her and purchased the hat he is wearing from me.  He was so excited to be able to buy something himself.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bazzar Breakfast with Santa

Not even half of what I have knitted and ready to go, lol.
I did sell a few things at the Breakfast with Santa held at the Pelham Community Center this past saturday.  It was fun to see a few ladies that I went to school with.  If you see something that you are interested in, please just let me know.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meret in Purple

Newest beret that I just made...I love this yarn so much...This is such an easy pattern.  You can get it for free below.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Left Overs

I just wrote this pattern to use up some left over yarn.  I am thrilled at the way it turned out.  I wasn't sure about the pom-pom, but I think it's cute and my Grand-daughter gives it her approval so I guess I'll leave them.


I just love the way the pom-pom turned out on this one.  Now I have to find some cute buttons for the eyes, but I think he looks cute just the way he is...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Late but not forgotten

I made this for my daughter thinking it could be part of her Christmas this year then she reminded me that I still owe her a hat from last Christmas, lol.  Oh NO, so she got this one early, and now I have to find something else for this year.  She has requested a new scarf to go with a coat she is getting for Christmas from her grand parents.  It's ok, I love knitting for her.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Another new hat pattern that I am totally in love with.  The pattern is free by clicking the link below.


Another couple of Slouchy's that I recently made.  They are so fun to make.  A very easy & fast pattern.  free pattern below

Slouchy for Terri

Slouchy hat I made for my cousin's birthday.  She just loved it, which really made me happy.  Click on link for free pattern

Angry Bird for MacKenzie Paige

Angry bird for my grand daughter MacKenzie Paige
You can get the free pattern on Ravelry:  Angry Bird

Angry Bird for Derek Ryan

Angry Bird for my grandson Derek Ryan
You can get the pattern for free on Ravelry:   Angry Bird


A couple of the scarfs that I've made for the grand babies to give their teachers this year for Christmas.